This Has Been the 1986 Tour de France

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the 1986 Tour de France, which we feel will go down in history as the greatest ever Tour.

We thank the over 12,000 visitors, 500 Twitter followers, and hundreds of Facebook friends who took time out of their July mornings to follow the race with us here and, more importantly, to share this story.

If you enjoyed this retelling of the 1986 Tour, please be assured that Richard Moore’s new book Slaying the Badger tells the story with far greater skill and in deeper, more fascinating detail. In fact, the book has gotten absolutely rave reviews from the media.

While much of our coverage was excerpted from the book (and drew from Geoff Drake and Jim Ochowicz’s excellent book Team 7-Eleven and the thoroughly enjoyable archives of Velo-news magazine) we have released only the highlights and critical plot moments here. The book has more depth, tension, and yes, even suspense, in part because of Moore’s excellent writing style and interviewing skills.

Slaying the Badger includes dozens of revealing interviews with bike racers and La Vie Claire personnel whose varying recollections of events, changed opinions, personal insights and private confessions paint a complete portrait of LeMond, Hinault, and the years that led up to this, the most important race of their careers and, arguably, the greatest ever Tour de France.

Would you be curious to know what Greg LeMond, Bernard Hinault, Andy Hampsten, Urs Zimmermann, Paul Kochli, and others thought of Slaying the Badger after reading the UK edition? The U.S. edition includes their reactions in a new Afterword.

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