The Top 10 Swim Speed Secrets (Excerpts, Tips, Tricks, Drills, and Workouts)

SwimSpeed_600x315_Top10 SSS

SwimSpeed_600x315_Top10 SSS

All the stories on are drawn from 4-time Olympian and swimming coach Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Series of books: Swim Speed Secrets, Swim Speed Workouts, and Swim Speed Strokes. We’ve checked the stats and these are YOUR Top 10 favorite Swim Speed stories, tips, excerpts, and drills from Sheila’s books. Take a look: maybe you missed one!

The Swim Speed Top 10

#10 The Swimmer’s Secret Weapon: Tubing Drills
#9 Distance Per Stroke vs. Swim Stroke Rate: How to Find Your Swimming Cadence
#8 Aaron Peirsol’s Favorite Backstroke Drill: Scull and Pull
#7 Try the First Two Weeks of Swim Speed Workouts – FREE!
#6 How to Get Rid of Leg Cramps During Freestyle Swimming Kick Sets
#5 Swim Speed Drill Videos
#4 Underwater Photos of Vlad Morozov’s Straight-Arm Freestyle Swimming Technique
#3 Let’s Talk About the S Pull in Swimming
#2 What Is Feel for the Water? Sheila Taormina Explains
#1 Which Arm Is Swimming Which Stroke? A Pop Quiz for Swimmers and Triathletes

BONUS! Take it up to 11 with Ariana Kukors’s Favorite Butterfly Drill: Vertical Dolphin Kick

Swim Speed Series by Sheila Taormina
The Swim Speed Series by Sheila Taormina