Triathlete Magazine’s Review of Iron War

Barry Siff review of Iron War book

Barry Siff, writing for, offers a review of Matt Fitzgerald’s new book Iron War. This review includes a selection of photographs from the book.

Here’s a brief passage:

“I’m not normally one for hyperbole. But, I am totally comfortable with Matt Fitzgerald’s subtitle of his new book: Iron War: The Greatest Race Ever Run I can unabashedly (and proudly) admit I have watched that race at least 30 or 40 times while spinning on my Computrainer during those cold, dark days of winter. Somehow, watching Mark and Dave—The Grip and The Man—battle for an entire day on the Lava fields … well, it just makes things a lot warmer, brighter, and inspiring.

Fitzgerald’s book captures all of it, and more. I couldn’t quite imagine how an entire book, looking at one race, could fill nearly 300 pages; yet, by going deep into the details of the race itself, the two legends’ careers and lives leading up to that amazing day in 1989, plus a little “extraneous” scientific tidbits (chapters) on endurance and training,  this is accomplished. I certainly recognize it is somewhat of a weak cliche; but, I would simply say: For any triathlete or endurance athlete, or anyone who wonders what it takes to be the best in sport, Iron War is an excellent read.“

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