Triathlete’s 2019 Buyer’s Guide Features the Next Generation of Tri Gear

Triathlete 2019 Buyer's Guide

PLUS: The Annual Buyer’s Guide “WIN THIS BIKE!” Sweepstakes Is Open!

Triathlete 2019 Buyer's GuideBoulder, Colorado, USA — March 12, 2019 — Triathlete magazine, the world’s #1 triathlon resource, has released its 2019 Buyer’s Guide. Featuring 170 of this season’s hottest products, all individually tested by a diverse panel of expert reviewers, Triathlete’s 2019 Buyer’s Guide is the sport’s ultimate gear bible for new triathletes and for those upgrading in pursuit of their best, most fun season. Triathlete also continues its annual “WIN THIS BIKE!” sweepstakes, which has launched on

“In this year’s guide, our experts sift through the next generation of triathlon equipment designed to make training and racing more fun—and make you faster,” said Triathlete gear editor Chris Foster. “From super high-end bikes like the killer Cervelo P5x and new wheelsets like HED’s exciting Vanquish 6, to the latest do-it-all cycling computers and brand-new, under-the-radar smartwatches like the Coros Apex, we covered everything a triathlete could dream of and more.”

The Buyer’s Guide covers swim gear including goggles, wetsuits, and transition bags; bike tech including 18 bikes, fueling systems, shoes, helmets, smart trainers, power meters, aerobars, and wheels; and running products including shoes, multisport watches, sunglasses, and race kits. This year’s guide includes “The Draw”, a quick callout that spotlights the best feature of each product. The Triathlete Buyer’s Guide awards best-in-class winner badges to the top products.

The 2019 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide magazine issue mailed to subscribers February 26th. Single copies are now shipping from and available at U.S. select print newsstands and online on the Triathlete app, ZINIO, Amazon Kindle, Readr app, and Google Play March 12th.

Triathlete’s 2019 Win This Bike contest features the Felt IA2 Disc, the brand-new, superfast hydraulic disk brake bike similar to the setup Daniela Ryf rode to her record-smashing win at the 2018 Ironman World Championship. The IA2 Disc uses the same disc-specific aerodynamics that helped Ryf smash the 7-year-old Kona bike course record by over 18 minutes.

Selected multisport gear reviews will release on in early April. editor Liz Hichens said, “Our online Buyer’s Guide is among our most popular content of the year. We’ll release easily-digestible reviews that triathletes of all levels can quickly understand and use to make smart decisions for their 2019 season.”