Triathlon Coach Matt Dixon Coming to New York

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Dixon to Share His Fast-Track Method for Ironman® and Ironman 70.3® During Three New York City Book Events

Boulder, CO, USA — December 11, 2017 —  Elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon will visit New York in December for three Fast-Track Triathlete book signings.

Tailwind Endurance FREE cycling class
Wednesday, December 20th
6:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
143 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023
Join Matt Dixon for a cycling class followed by coffee and a Q&A on his new Fast-Track Triathlete program.
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Dixon’s Fast-Track Triathlete Method
Finish Line Physical Therapy
Wednesday, December 20th
7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
119 West 23rd Street, #304, New York, NY, NY 10011
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Matt Dixon’s Rapha-ganza
Rapha New York
Thursday, December 21st
6:30 p.m.
159 Prince Street New York, NY 10012
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About Fast-Track Triathlete

In Fast-Track Triathlete, elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon offers his plan of attack for high performance in long-course triathlon—without sacrificing work or life. Developed for busy professionals with demanding schedules, Dixon’s program makes your PR possible in Ironman, Ironman 70.3, Rev3, and Challenge triathlons in about 10 hours a week.

Training for long-course triathlons once demanded 15-20 hours each week—on top of work, family, travel and other time commitments. For many, preparing for long-course triathlon is more challenging than the race itself. Now Fast-Track Triathlete opens the door to your best performance in full- and half-distance triathlons in half the traditional training time. Dixon’s laser-focused, effective approach to workouts, recovery, strength and mobility, and nutrition means you can prepare for triathlon’s greatest challenges in just 7-10 hours per week for half-distance and 10-12 hours per week for full-distance.

“We have designed a way to help time-starved athletes integrate sports into their very busy lives,” says Dixon. “Athletes using our fast-track program achieve their sports goals and tell us they have more energy, better health, and improved performance at work.” Dixon’s new approach refutes the accepted dogma of endurance training with more pragmatic solutions. “If the Fast-Track Triathlete program works for some of the most in-demand CEOs in the world, I believe it can work for all goal-driven, busy athletes.”

Fast-Track Triathlete includes:

  • Dixon’s complete guide to creating a successful sport and life performance recipe
  • How to plan out your triathlon training
  • Scaling workouts for time and fatigue
  • Training and racing during travel
  • Executing your swim-bike-run and transitions plan on race day
  • 10-week off-season training program with key workouts
  • 14-week pre-season training program with key workouts
  • 14-week comprehensive race-prep full and half training plans with fully integrated strength and conditioning

Dixon’s first book, The Well-Built Triathlete, revealed his four-tiered approach to success in all triathlon race distances. Fast-Track Triathlete turbocharges Dixon’s well-built program so even the busiest athletes can achieve their long-distance triathlon dreams without sacrificing so much to achieve them.

Fast-Track Triathlete: Balancing a Big Life with Big Performance in Long-Course Triathlon
Matt Dixon
Paperback with 2-color interior, 85 tables and figures throughout.
7″ x 9″, 376 pp., $24.95, 9781937715748
Released on October 18, 2017

Matt Dixon is an exercise physiologist and an elite triathlon coach. He has coached amateur and professional triathletes to over 300 Ironman® and Ironman 70.3® wins and podiums, 200 Ironman World Championship qualifiers, and several world championships. Dixon is an Ironman University Master Coach and a former professional triathlete and two-time Olympic trials finalist in swimming. He has a master’s degree in clinical and exercise physiology and contributes regularly to  Triathlete, LAVA, and USA Triathlon magazines. He has also been featured in the Wall Street JournalNew York TimesMen’s JournalOutsideMen’s Fitness, and Men’s Health. See more at

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