TriEdge-Kestrel Women’s Triathlon Team “Loves” Swim Speed Workouts

TriEdge review Swim Speed Workouts reviewed Sheila Taormina’s swim training program Swim Speed Workouts and, boy, were they thorough!

Jen Hamilton interviewed Sheila for the review, and it’s an interesting look into how Sheila thinks about coaching triathletes to swim faster. On the nature of triathletes she says, “Triathletes have a heart of gold; they’re like thoroughbred horses. They work hard and will do anything, but they try to muscle through the water. The challenge is to learn to gain traction in fluid.” [See the interview here.]

TriEdge review Swim Speed Workouts

Before writing the review, Hamilton cleverly recruited her own test team of triathletes from the TriEdge-Kestrel Women’s Triathlon Team. We’ve got our own Test Team of volunteer age-groupers reporting back on their experience with the program, but we were really curious to hear what a sponsored team thought of the workouts, too. So we caught up with Jen, who manages the team, to hear more.

SSS: Did your test team finish the program?

Jen: At the time we posted the review in April, most of the ladies were about halfway through the program. Most of them finished the complete program while a few reluctantly modified workouts at the request of their trainers to accommodate for Ironman distance training. Those that finished the program have continued using the workouts on a regular basis.

SSS: From your review, it seems like they found the program helpful.

Jen: They loved it!

SSS: Are they faster now?

Jen: Everyone who participated in the program agreed unanimously that it was effective in improving their times, strength, flexibility and confidence in the swim. One athlete with a chronically bad shoulder even noticed that her pain level has decreased consistently as she has continued the workouts.

SSS: It’s interesting that a few of their coaches asked them to modify the workouts for Ironman training. We’ve gotten a few questions on Facebook about this and some of our Test Team members pointed out that the workouts are structured to be harder than just swimming the yardage.

Jen: One of our testers wrote, “My friend and I are training for two different distances and we’ve been able to do the same workouts together since they’re based on perceived efforts.”

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