Try 104 Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes for Endurance Athletes

A reader asked us how many vegetarian recipes were in the book because they were considering buying it as a gift for a friend. This was our answer.

Then we recently got this question from another reader:

“I am a huge fan of Allen Lim.  I believe he is and has been hugely innovative to sport and nutrition.  When I found out about his cookbook, I was extremely excited to get into it.  I only have one concern, though. I am a vegetarian and have been reading reviews about the book which the majority seem to relate to carnivorous recipes.  I was wondering if it would be worth it for a vegetarian to buy this book.  I would hate to spend the money on it for a handful of recipes…”

So we counted them all up!

The Feed Zone Cookbook breakfasts index FZCIt wasn’t as hard as it sounds, actually, because every chapter has an index of the recipes inside it. Here’s an example of the Breakfasts chapter opener and recipe index. Each recipe includes vegetarian and gluten-free icons, where applicable. It’s pretty handy if you keep one of those special diets.

And so, the definitive and complete answer to the question, how many vegetarian and gluten-free recipes are in The Feed Zone Cookbook?

How many vegetarian and gluten-free recipes in The Feed Zone Cookbook? FZC
vegetarian and gluten-free recipes in The Feed Zone Cookbook



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