Unlock Your Hips to Prevent Knee Pain

Hit Reset Erin Taylor HR hip stretch

This article is an excerpt from Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor. In
this comprehensive guide, Taylor identifies the 10 most common issues holding athletes back and gives specific poses to solve them. In addition, the book incorporates breathing and focus exercises to make you a stronger athlete in both body and mind.

Let’s be honest, would competing be half as fun without the cheering crowds? Probably not.
A strong support group is enormously beneficial to your success as an athlete, is it any wonder that your unstable knees require a similar level of assistance?

Hit Reset Erin Taylor HR hip stretchThe muscles tasked with moving your knees don’t do a very good job of stabilizing them and poor range of motion in the hips can lead to added strain. Your body will try to compensate for your hip’s inability to function properly leaving your knees to bear the brunt of the work. Ouch!

PROBLEM: Your thighbone can’t move freely in your hip joint placing excess strain on your knee and forcing the joint to move in ways it shouldn’t.

SOLUTION: Focus on initiating movement from your hips, where you have more strength and stability to draw upon.

There is no quick fix for maintaining a healthy range of motion. It takes time to unlock your hips and regular maintenance is the only way to regain the functional movement that will ultimately prevent knee injuries. Exercises found in the Mitigate Booty Lock Reset Routine are the key to improving range of motion, stability, and injury prevention.

Hit reset to give your knees they support they deserve!

Gain balance, strength, and mobility with Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga For Athletes by Erin Taylor. The HIT RESET approach uses yoga to solve the specific problems you face as an athlete. Her revolutionary way to do yoga can improve functional strength, flexibility, muscle recruitment, breathing and focus, core strength, and durability.