Adam Kelinson

Adam Kelinson is the founder of Organic Performance, a nutrition consulting company that reflects his experience as a professional chef, endurance athlete, and student of the relationship between nutrition and the environment.

Kelinson holds a degree in natural resources from the University of Vermont, where he focused his studies on sustainable agriculture and ecosystem management. He holds Chef of Culinary Arts, Chef of Wine Arts, and Sommelier certifications from the Cook Street School of Fine Cooking in Denver.

Kelinson is an Ironman® triathlete and knows first-hand the critical role that nutrition plays in training and racing. He has contributed to TrailRunner, Inside Triathlon,, and and has served as nutritional director for the Silverman Full Distance Triathlon. Kelinson is also an avid surfer, paddler, and rock climber.

Kelinson has cooked for elite athletes, corporate executives, and celebrities like Prince, Hillary Swank, and Mariska Hargitay.

Organic Performance views nutrition as a lifestyle in which the relationship between the earth and food determines how active people fuel and perform. Kelinson’s approach is founded on the principles and techniques of shopping locally and seasonally for organic, whole foods. For more information on Kelinson and his work, please visit