Bob Mionske, JD

Bob Mionske has loved cycling and bicycle racing since the age of six, when he taught his grandmother to ride a bike. A two-time Olympian, he made the winning break in the 1988 Olympic road race and finished mere inches out of the bronze medal. In 1992, Bob was again selected for the U.S. Olympic road team, this time assisting teammate Lance Armstrong to a fourteenth-place finish.

Following the 1992 Olympics, Bob raced as a pro with the Saturn professional cycling team for one season and then retired to become director of Team Saturn before heading off to law school.

After passing the bar exam, Bob set up a cycling-only law practice representing top riders David Zabriskie, Michael Barry, Tom Danielson, and Kevin Livingston, while also defending the legal rights of weekend warriors, commuters, and bicycle messengers. Bob also began offering legal advice to cyclists in Legally Speaking, his national legal advice column on In 2001, Bob authored the legal analysis section in Bicycle Accident Reconstruction for the Forensic Engineer. Most recently, Bob has begun to focus more closely on protecting the civil rights of all cyclists by establishing the Constitutional Rights for Cyclists Center (CRCC).

Today Bob divides his riding time between his racing bike and his cruiser in Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his daughter, Pepper. He can be reached through his website,