Chris Foster

Chris Foster is Triathlete magazine’s Senior Editor, a former professional short-course triathlete, and high school running coach. From gear recommendations to training tips from professional triathletes, Chris makes the challenges of triathlon more approachable and awakens the competitive drive that leads triathletes to see just how fast they can be. He was a NCAA Division 1 runner for Penn State before graduating with a degree in Journalism. After moving to Southern California to be a part of the triathlon scene, Foster worked at the Triathlon Lab retail store while training and racing. Foster was coached by Bernard Baski (TriFit), Gerry Rodrigues (Tower 26), and Siri Lindley to become a member of the U.S. national triathlon team and represent the U.S. at the 2010 Elite World Championships race. He was in the running for a 2012 London Olympic team berth before a car hit him during a ride and derailed his training. Foster turned to racing non-draft legal, short-course triathlons like Hy-Vee, Life Time Triathlon series, Rev3, and offroad triathlon racing. Now retired from professional racing, Foster focuses on training and gear for Triathlete magazine. He also coaches high school track and cross-country running teams in the competitive South Bay Area, where he has helped runners earn spots on NCAA Division I running teams.