Graeme Obree

Graeme Obree 72dpi 600ph

Graeme Obree stunned the international cycling world in 1993 when he emerged from obscurity to set a new world hour record, considered to be the most difficult and exalted of cycling titles. Riding a bike of his own design in his innovative “superman” riding position, Obree was an iconoclast, inventor, and superbly talented athlete.

Yet his lengthy struggle with manic depression nearly ended his life. Obree’s compelling story, from his escape of a troubled childhood to thrilling head-to-head duels on the world’s cycling stage, is told with complete candor and unexpected humor. But even as he rose to become a major star on the European racing circuit, the inner demons that once spurred him to greatness suddenly turned against him, and he was plunged into suicidal despair.

Obree’s tells of the hard-fought road to cycling stardom and the even harder road to recovery, sharing an inspirational story that will resonate with readers everywhere.