Graham Watson

Graham Watson has devoted his celebrated career to the art of cycling photography. His renowned work has been published in magazines, books, newspapers, posters, calendars, journals, and Web sites on every continent, and his reputation is founded on 31 years’ experience photographing the great cycling races of Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. He has covered the Tour de France each year since first seeing it in 1977 as a tourist, traveling today both within the Tour press corps and on his own to scout the best vantage points for his unique photography.

An oenophile and gastronome, Graham has collected an extensive library of information on the best restaurants, hotels, bistros, brasseries, bars, and auberges of France, which he shares in this insider’s guide to the world’s greatest bicycle race. As the most experienced photographer still shooting the Tour, Graham dedicates a chapter to professional advice, providing unparalleled insight for camera enthusiasts aiming to capture the race in their own photographs.

On those rare days when he’s not on location shooting a race, Graham makes his home in Hampton, England.