Karen Buxton

Karen Buxton has coached athletes at every level, from youth basketball to college soccer to elite multisport.

She has a B.S. from Johnson State College and an M.Ed. in athletic administration from Temple University, holds coaching certifications of Level-II from USA Triathlon and Expert-Level from USA Cycling. She also has served as the Secretary-General of USA Triathlon’s board of directors.

A competitive athlete herself, Buxton played soccer in high school and competed as a Division I Alpine skier. In addition to these two sports, she competed at both the high school and college levels on varsity teams in basketball, field hockey, softball, tennis, and rugby.

She has raced five full-distance triathlons, earning a fifth place overall finish in the 2000 U.S. Long Course Championships. Her four-woman team won their division in the 3,000-mile Race Across America (RAAM).