Stephen McGregor, PhD

Stephen J. McGregor, PhD, is a pioneer in the development of training concepts and software designed to maximize the benefits of training with technology. Most notably, Stephen created the normalized graded pace (NGP) algorithm and the run training stress score (rTSS), specifically designed for running. He has also developed the Dynamic Training Load (DTL) system for quantifying training load in dynamic team sports.

Stephen is the director of the Applied Physiology Laboratory at Eastern Michigan University and has published and presented numerous research papers examining muscle injury, performance modeling, running physiology, and performance quantification using technology. He earned a doctorate in exercise physiology and has served on the science and education faculty for USA Cycling since 2005 where he presents Power and Elite Level 1 Coaching certification clinics.

A former intercollegiate soccer player, triathlete, and elite competitive cyclist, Stephen has coached endurance athletes for almost 25 years and serves as a coach/consultant to numerous international and Olympic-caliber cyclists and runners. In 2016 he was the recipient of the Order of Ikkos as the coach of an Olympic medalist in cycling.