Thomas Prehn

Thomas Prehn has been involved with cycling since he took up the sport in the early 1970s. Over the course of a long career as an amateur and professional cyclist, he won the 1986 USPRO road championship, and is one of the few cyclists to have finished all thirteen editions of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic. A consistent top finisher in U.S. national championship races throughout his career, Prehn was also a member of the winning U.S. national time trial team in 1982.

Prehn currently lives in Boulder, Colorado where he is the director of Cateye Service & Research Center and president of his own consumer research and consulting firm, Boulder Sports Research. He is also the current vice president of the Bicycle Products Suppliers Association.

With his two full time jobs, and a family, Prehn still likes to mix it up at the weekend races. He now races with the intensity that most people go to garage sales.