featured_SwimSpeedSecrets.com SSSVeloPress is pleased to invite age-group, collegiate, and masters swimmers and triathletes to try out the new SwimSpeedSecrets.com, which is now more user-friendly and includes more from Sheila Taormina’s best-selling swimming speed books. The new site organizes a selection of tips, FAQs, drills, workouts, and videos from the Swim Speed Series into buckets under the book they came from.

Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Series reveals the fastest way to swim and shows swimmers of all abilities how to master this technique. Through crystal clear underwater photographs and concise explanations, the 4-time Olympian and veteran coach breaks down each stroke into simple steps so swimmers and triathletes can master elite swimming technique in any of swimming’s four strokes.

The Swim Speed Series has been the #1 swimming resource in North America since the summer of 2014, helping more swimmers to improve swimming speed than any other book series.

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