VeloPress Reenacts the Greatest Ever Tour de France

Slaying the Badger 1986 Tour de France Velo-news featured

STB 72dpi_400x600p Slaying the BadgerTo promote the recent U.S. publication of Richard Moore’s new book Slaying the Badger, VeloPress has begun telling the inside story of the 1986 Tour de France on the book’s website

Using excerpts from Slaying the Badger and Team 7-Eleven, archival text and photographs from Velo-news (a precursor to today’s Velo magazine), and carefully chosen video footage from YouTube, VeloPress will post stage results from the 1986 Tour de France during each day of the 2012 Tour which begins June 30.

Please join us for the 1986 Tour!

Follow along on Twitter @1986Tour, on Facebook, or on the book’s website, where we will tell the tale in text, photographs, and video.