We’ve enjoyed hearing from many parents who describe using the portable snack recipes from Feed Zone Portables in a most practical way: to satisfy starving kids on the way to soccer practice, swim meets, and while camping.

Terrie at Velotry offers this “non-expert” perspective on how Feed Zone Portables has helped her cycling and her family:

“I classify myself as a serious recreational cyclist, not an athlete, so it was an aspirational purchase. I justified it to myself by mentally reclassifying as ‘badass recreational cyclist.’ I do ride year-round, I ride on dirt and gravel, I change my own flats, and badass anything is waaaayyy closer to ‘athlete’ than ‘leisure cyclist.’

At the time, I thought I would use the book very sporadically, to fuel long rides, or for occasional camping. I thought of it as a bit of a novelty. I had no idea how much I would end up loving and using this book in ways the authors probably did not expect.

My children are also cyclists. And soccer players. And swimmers. And runners. And academics. And growing like weeds. They are constantly starving, and I’m constantly looking for quick, healthy snacks that integrate smoothly into our lives. I can’t overstate the degree to which everything in life is easier if the children are well-rested and well-fed. I always need new ideas for something nutritious that I can give them when they’ve already had a post-dinner piece of fruit, or they need a quick snack in order to finish a hike, or an appealing alternative to junk food after school. This book fills that niche for me. Many of the recipes have become instant favorites with my kids.”

Do you use Feed Zone Portables in ways we might not expect? Let us know!

Check out the full review on Velotry.com.

Velotry FZP

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