What’s New in the 2nd Edition of Swim Speed Workouts?

Swim Speed Workouts 2nd Edition SSW2 by Sheila Taormina 3D cover box 1080x1080

Sheila Taormina has updated Swim Speed Workouts!

In this updated deck of 75 fully waterproof swim cards, Taormina offers incredibly effective workouts and drills that will develop the same swimming technique used by the world’s fastest swimmers in you. Through her 16-week program, you’ll use new drills, new tubing workouts, and improved swim sets to build faster swim technique one crucial step at a time.

What’s New?

  • Swim Speed Workouts is now synced up with the newest concepts revealed in Swim Speed Secrets, 2nd Ed. Both books are consistent in their drills and in how they describe the world’s fastest freestyle technique.
  • Sheila scrapped some of the old drills in favor of drills that are new, better, more accessible, and even more focused on creating fast improvements in swim technique.
  • Sheila revised nearly every workout with extensive changes for Swim Speed Workouts, 2nd Ed. Now you can use the best version of her best-selling Swim Speed training program.
  • More technique instruction and updated coaching tips will give readers familiar with the first edition more tools to capture more speed in the water.
  • Photographs of today’s fastest swimmers, including the most recent swim champions.
  • Underwater grid analysis using Sheila’s patented ST Grid, a measurable tool for stroke mechanics.

Swim Speed Workouts 2nd Edition SSW2 by Sheila Taormina 3D cover box 800x533

In Swim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes, 2nd Ed., coach Sheila Taormina updates her best-selling swim workouts program with new drills, more technique instruction, and updated coaching tips.