When “Training” Becomes “Straining,” It’s Time to Take a Break with a Swimming Recovery Week

At Week 6 in the 16-week Swim Speed Workouts program, several of the Test Team swimmers — especially the short-course triathletes — reported a lot of fatigue. This makes perfect sense as the Swim Speed Workouts program is more demanding than their usual swim training and also because triathlon training builds drastically in the early spring.

When all you swim is long, slow distance, you don’t need time off to recover from swim workouts. But the Swim Speed Workouts program is more challenging, which means swimmers might have weeks when they should back off from swim training and let their bodies rest and recover. If you’ve done the hard work, then rest is when the body adapts and gets stronger.

Sheila said, “When I was racing, I would sometimes just take off an entire week! I’d get back in the pool feeling like a million bucks, and that really helped me stay motivated.”

Here are a few ways Sheila Taormina recommends Swim Speed swimmers can recover:

  • Swim workouts 1 and 2, then swap in the Recovery workout (second from last in the deck) for the She-Ra.
  • Swim workouts 1 and 2 for the week and skip the third workout entirely.
  • Skip the workouts 1 and 3 and in the middle of the week, swim an easy 30 minutes with a low heart rate and no structured workout.