WOD Talk magazine’s Online Review of Inside the Box

WOD Talk magazine reviewed Inside the Box in its November issue, but the online version of the article posted in December. Apologies for the delay, but it’s a great summary of the book and worth checking out.

“Laced with self-deprecation and sharp observation, [Inside the Box] reads as a CrossFit origin story. Throughout the book Murphy is most compelling as a cultural guide. With uncanny “noticings” and clever descriptions he pulls you into the CrossFit community, its people and its ethos. As a forceful diary, Inside The Box speaks to those merely curious about CrossFit and to the fire breathing monsters hooked on its potent thrill.  Vibrant and life-affirming, Murphy urges the reader on.” — WOD Talk magazine


Book Review: Inside the Box by T.J. Murphy on WODTalk.com