Work In Videos to Guide Your Mental and Physical Relaxation

Erin Taylor guides you through four exercises and poses, introducing you to her recovery program from Work In: The Athlete’s Plan for Real Recovery and Winning Results

All the Work IN videos include a pre/post practice check in — a pause to notice how you feel. These observations help you to establish a baseline of where you’re at, become more aware of the effects of your practice, absorb the benefits, and increase your motivation to continue.

Preview these four exercises or poses:

Extended Exhalation Breath — lengthen your exhale to calm your nervous system, helping you to slow your heart rate and relax.

Extended Exhalation Breath video preview_600x336 Work In by Erin Taylor WI

Recovery Visualization — especially in the times when you are struggling to transition from effort to ease, stop “trying” so hard to relax and use visualization to help you get to the root of the resistance and dissolve it.

Recovery Visualization video preview_600x335 Work In by Erin Taylor WI

Full Body Mobility — gently mobilize your body to increase fluidity to muscles, surrounding tissues, and joints to ease stiffness and restore range of motion.

Full Body Mobility video preview_600x335 Work In by Erin Taylor WI

Recovery Boost — relax deeply using static (still) postures, making use of the wall as a prop, to open the body and encourage deep physical and mental relaxation.

Recovery Boost video preview_600x337 Work In by Erin Taylor WI

In her groundbreaking new book, WORK IN, coach Erin Taylor gives you practical mental focus and physical relaxation tools to optimize your recovery anytime, anywhere.

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