Xtri.com’s “Steamy” Review of Iron War

Paul Tyler of TriEssential.com has interviewed best-selling author Matt Fitzgerald about his experience researching and writing Iron War for Xtri.com:

When I opened my copy of Iron War, the steam from the Big Island of Hawaii seemed to virtually hit me in the face. In an exhaustively researched book, Matt Fitzgerald recreates the famous race between Dave Scott and Mark Allen in the 1989 Ironman World Championship. Yes, it was an amazing race to witness. But more importantly, it was the culmination of years of hard training, hard racing, and personal investment in the creation of an entirely new sporting event. In his book, Matt captures the strength of character of both athletes better than any other publication to date. When I closed the chapter and wiped the sweat off the book, I called Matt in California and asked him about his work.

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