Ideal Off-Season Crosstraining: Become a Faster Swimmer

Elizabeth Beisel demonstrates the S Curve in freestyle swimming.

During this off-season, you should take a few weeks off structured training, enjoy some foods you normally skip during the season, and maybe put on just a few pounds.

But unless you’re already a competitive swimmer, you should also consider swimming as your best crosstraining for triathlon, running, and cycling this fall and winter.


Swimming can help runners, cyclists, and triathletes in many ways. You’ll…

  1. definitely maintain and likely improve your aerobic base fitness,
  2. strengthen your core and upper body,
  3. refresh your poor, tired, thrashed and trashed legs with low-impact workouts,
  4. strengthen the ancillary muscles in your legs, hips, and core to help correct muscle imbalances and avoid injuries,
  5. enjoy focusing on swimming while you have more available time,
  6. improve your upper body flexibility,
  7. tone up your neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles to avoid pain during cycling,
  8. increase your lung capacity,
  9. look awesome in a Speedo,
  10. and get faster at swimming!

So here, try out the first two weeks of Swim Speed Workouts for free.

And here’s a schedule that will help triathletes and swimmers to schedule the program into your training once your off-season is over. Check out this handy Swim Speed Workouts Start Chart.

Click the image to enlarge it and find your best start date (don’t forget to leave room for taper). Then get started with the first two weeks of Swim Speed Workouts!

Swim Speed Workouts Start Chart

In Swim Speed Workouts, 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, and triathlon world champion Sheila Taormina provides the essential swimming instruction, workouts, drills, and training plan to build all-new levels of freestyle swimming speed.

Drawing from her 30-year racing and coaching career, Taormina’s Swim Speed program is carefully designed to build freestyle swimming speed one crucial step at a time. Over 16 weeks, swimmers and triathletes will swim high-impact workouts to build the critical elements of the world’s fastest swimming technique. Each waterproof workout card incorporates the Olympic swimming drills, kick sets, and drylands that develop speed in the world’s fastest swimmers. Swimmers will refine their freestyle with the most effective hand entry, high-elbow catch, underwater pull, stroke finish, core drive, and propulsive kick.

Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Series reveals the world’s fastest way to swim.

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